Friday, April 29, 2005

I Love Trees

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Today, while I was driving my daughter to school, she metioned that today was Arbor Day. I happen to love trees, so I decided today was the day for a mini rant regarding trees and my "community."

The subdivision in which I live was built on old farmland, as are many in the area. Understandably, there are not many trees left standing. What angers me is that the people in this development (and others in the area) apparently see no need to install plant-life of any variety, let alone trees. Most homes have the standard builder's landscaping - cheap shrubs of scanty quantity. (There is actually a home that used landscaping rocks in lieu of mulch. Seriously, they have two ugly shrubs and then just rocks.) Occasional homes have one ornamental tree that will never grow to substantial size.

I could rant about the area's conformist, apathetic, characterless, sedentary ways, but I won't. This post is about trees.

There are a myriad of reasons for planting trees. The Ecological ones are obvious so I won't go into it here, but see the links below. Here are a few of my reasons:

1. Beauty: Large, swaying trees are much more pleasing that flat, flat horizon. Trees also distract from the fact that all the houses are unintersting shades of beige and putty.

2. Comfort: Shade in the summer! Also, a neighborhood filled with trees makes a person feel welcomed. It makes a group of similar houses plunked down own similar lots feel like a comunity. Without trees, it just feels cold and lifeless.

3. Experiencing the Natural World: There are so many creatures out there to see and learn about. For example: You can't see different varieties of birds, if they have no where to live. (No, the birdfeeder on a shepherd's hook in the middle of your ChemLawn doesn't count.)

I don't understand these people. I guess they like the sun blazing down upon their heads. I guess they like that everyone can see what's going on in their backyards. I guess raking leaves in autumn is just too much work. I guess for them, nature belongs on TV.

I'm not like the members of my "community." I don't want skin cancer. I like my privacy. Autum leaves make Halloween all the better. And while the Discovery Channel is great learning about tigers, I'd rather watch the woodpecker in my backyard. Call me weird.

My husband and I have planted 4 deciduous trees in the past year. Two Pin Oaks, one Royal Red Maple and one Red Maple. They range in height from 13ft. to 18 ft. tall. We also planted six Blue Spruce trees. I can only wish that whoever is living here 20 years from now will appreciate it.

Go plant a tree. Give back to the natural world. You owe it more than you know.

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