Wednesday, April 27, 2005

A small bit of joy in the world

I was checking on a few of my shrubs the other day. As I fiddled with a lilac bush, a robin burst out of a nearby juniper. Suspecting a nest, I took a peek and sure enough, Mama Robin has a family on the way. I snapped one quick pic the next morning. I'll leave her be for now - I'm sure I freaked her out enough already.


CarolynVB said...

That is so precious! Nothing says spring like robin eggs! Great shot!

Cerys Clevercrow said...

Thanks. I was so worried about freaking Mama Robin out, that I "winged" it. I leaned in slightly, approximated the camera angle and clicked all in about 5 seconds. I'm lucky I got anything, but I'm glad I did!

aa said...

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