Saturday, April 30, 2005

**uses sign language: "Irritate Your Man with Movies No. 2**

Drink tea. Eat finger sandwiches. Wear a corset and watch The Piano.

If he resists, don't say a word - just stare at him stonily. Then emphatically sign the phrase "Do you know how many times I've sat through Rocky?" Once again, stare stonily.

[For added irritation, neglect to tell him about Harvey Keitel's "special scene."]

Irritez votre homme avec des films - No. 1


Heli said...

I just saw your blog and took a look at your profile while I was at it. I was amazed, because everything there (except for your age) is almost exactly a description of me. Not only that, but I'm also a graphic designer, I have a very deep interested in both the Native American and Maori culture/history and I have interest towards mysticism and mythologies. What's even more interesting is that my Myspace site has crows on the background and I was considering of using it in my logo. Now, I know not everyone believes in fate and things happening for a reason but it just feels eerie I accidentally popped into your blog when I did. If you want to take a look at my MySpace account it's at

Anyways, you have a beautiful blog and your Clevercrow site is full of interesting things.

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