Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Empty Nest

**FLYING CONDITIONS: Partly Sunny; breezy**

Well, the birdies have grown up and learned to fly. Fortunately, I got to see Mama Robin and her last nest-residing baby before they ventured into the great, wide world. The pair were perched in a tree in the backyard. Mama was feeding her little one, who then patiently waited in the tree for Mama to return with more food. The baby is very cute. He/she does not have fully developed tail-feathers yet, and looks like a large, rusty, chickadee.

I am very pleased that I witnessed this. It was joyful and somewhat profound.

Here is a pic of the baby bird. It's not great, but at least I got a shot before it flew away.

Bon chance, little birdie!

Baby Birdie at Rest

Mama Robin's New Family

A small bit of joy in the world.

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