Tuesday, May 10, 2005

I've been feeling very hobbity...


Now where's my pint of ale? I'm wiped out. Here are some pics of what's been growing in (or visiting) my garden. A complete list of what we've been planting follows. I've also been identifying the trees that are on our property. So far I've identified Shagbark Hickories, American Elms, American Beech, Black Cherries, Silver Maples and Sugar Maples. We also have one RIver Birch. In the woodland area of our yard, the maples are REALLY growing abundantly. There are small saplings everywhere.

8 Nikko Blue Hydrangea of varying sizes
17 Lilacs including the following cultivars:
--Common Purple Lilac
--President Grevy
--Katherine Havemeyer
--Michael Buchner
--Maiden's Blush
--James McFarlane
--Paul Thirion
--Belle de Nancy
13 Rhododendron (red, purple and pink colors)
3 PJM Rhododendron
1 Hino-Crimson Azalea
2 Burning Bush

1 Autumn Fern
1 Shaggy Field Fern
1 Maidenhair Fern
English Ivy

2 Karl Rosenfield Peony
Many Garden Mums (planted last year; now returning)
1 Sterling Silver Rose
1 Peace Rose
1 Love Rose
3 Rhineland Astilbe
Walkers Low Catmint
5 Shasta Daisy (Darling Daisy)
3 May Night Salvia (Sage)
2 Marcus Deep Purple Salvia (Sage)
Blue Magic Dutch Iris
Blue Tropic Grandiflora Gladioli
1 Summer Blues Larkspur
5 Tiger Lillies
5 Munstead Lavender
5 Chinese Lanterns
3 Delphinium (Guardian Lavender, Guardian Blue and Guardian White)
2 'Foxy' Foxglove (Got hit by a late frost, although covered. not sure they'll survive)
1 'Camelot Lavender' Foxglove
1 Tangerine Dream Icelandic Poppy
1 Oriental Checkers Poppy (White)
3 Origami Blue and White Columbine
1 Giles Van Hees Speedwell
1 Alba Bleeding Heart (white)
2 Blue Magic Grape Hyacinth
30 Half Flats Creeping Phlox (Emerald Cushion Blue, Red(actually bright pink) Wings, White Delight)
Giant Sunflowers
Red Sun Sunflowers
Sunspot Sunflowers

Big Max Pumpkins
Lumina Pumpkins (white)
Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkins

2 Navaho Thornless Blackberry
1 Black Logan Raspberry
1 Fall Gold Raspberry
2 Bluecrop Blueberry
2 Royalty Raspberry

Deciduous Trees (range from 13'-18'):
2 Pin Oak Trees
1 Royal Red Maple
1 Red Maple

Evergreen Trees (3''):
9 Blue Spruce

There are plans for adding:
1 October Glory Maple
1 Autumn Blaze Maple
10 Boxwood (we'd like a hedge to screen the utility boxes)


Annieytown said...

The garden looks beautiful!

aa said...

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