Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Clever Crow's Garden: A wicked long update


Now that warm weather has definitely arrived to stay, my garden is really beginning to come to life. The roses are blooming, as are the delphinium. The daisies are growing taller and taller by the day.

The weeds have really taken off as well! It's amazing how quickly they grow. The woodland area that was once only dead leaves a few springtime flowers is now a carpet of Maple saplings, plants I haven't identified and Posion Ivy. I believe there are also a few Hickory saplings, as well. The various berries, Hydrangeas and Lilacs we planted are blending in. The Astilbe looks beautiful, however. It's pink, feathery flowers really stand out against the sea of green.

The Rhododendrons have mostly bloomed, but there are still a few late-comers. The "red" ones were are particularly beautiful. Their color is so vibrant.

The Lilacs never bloomed this year. I suspect that transplanting them, combined with the screwy cold weather we had this Spring messed with their internal clocks too much. Hopefully next year will be much improved.

As for other flowers, the Gladiolus, Dutch Iris and Acidanthera appear to be doing quite well. The Bleeding Heart and Poppies are coming along nicely. The Peonies were lovely.

I added 4 more Foxglove after the disappointment of having the two I planted earlier ruined by frost. They are doing well. Surprisingly, the frost-bitten ones have grown new buds! One has begun to bloom. I'm thrilled!

Sunflowers and Pumkins are well on their way. The Pumpkins grow two inches a day, I swear!

In tree news, we've planted a small Silver Maple, a small Red Maple, a large October Glory Maple and a Medium sized Autum Blaze Maple. We are also in the process of transplanting small maple saplings that have grown around our air conditioning unit. Some have taken to their new locations, some have not.

Sadly, the large American Elm tree in my perennial bed will have to be cut down. It is exhibiting all the signs of Dutch Elm disease. It was looking poorly last year, but we wanted to see what it would do this year. We will replace the tree, of couse. Either a Norweigan Superform Maple or an English Oak.

Regarding critters, I have many that seem to like the yard. Squirrels go haywire here, the bunnies love to dine and there are birds a-plenty. This morning I saw my first hummingbird of the season. And last night the fellow seen below scared the crap out of me. Ugh.

Here are some pics that I took of various trees. The light on them just looked so pretty.

Well, I guess that will have to be all for now.


Annieytown said...

That spider is HUGE!
The garden looks very lovely. I have no foxgloves this year but my lupines and hollyhocks look great.

Weeding the Garden said...

Your flowers are gorgeous and so are the way you took pics of them.. I wish I had you here to take pics of my garden right now.. I could use a lively picture of my periwinkle blue hydrangeas..

Cerys Clevercrow said...

Annie: You should have heard me shriek when I saw the spider. It was hysterical!

Weeding: Thanks so much! I wish I could take a pic of your hydrangeas - mine are all "Nikko Blue", but the soil here is too alkaline, so they're blooming pink. I've added Aluminum Sulfate, but still no blue. The pink is still pretty, but the periwinkle is stunning!

Anonymous said...

Margret I simple adore your photography! You have a kind heart, it shows!

Cerys Clevercrow said...

Margret/Anonymous: that is one of the nicest compliments I have ever received!

Thanks so much.


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