Wednesday, July 27, 2005

In the Garden


Actually, very little of my time has been spent gardening this last month. Between family visits and painting 7 rooms in the house (3 down!), I've had little time for much else. My perennial bed is downright wild - I've got some serious weeding to do.

The Gladiolus have bloomed, however and are lovely. They are 4-5 feet tall and many are falling over due to their own weight,The Catmint has quadrupled in size - wow. Daisies and Salvia continue to flower, but the Foxgloves and Delpimium are pretty much done for the season. The roses will continue to bloom until Autumn. I am adding one rosebush tomorrow and think I will be adding another (a miniature variety.)

Ahh, bunnies. They are adorable, but voracious. They have eaten 14 out of 15 sunflowers. Next year I will install a small fence to prevent this. I was really looking forward to the sunflowers.

Rabbits have eaten most of the Creeping Phlox as well, but I think it will return next year, regardless. They also ate my Poppies and all the leaves off my Bleeding Heart. It's time to spread more Blood Meal!

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