Monday, July 18, 2005

My First Corpse

**FLYING CONDITIONS: Partly Cloudy**

Over the past month, I have become involved in an online art project of sorts called An Exquisite Corpse. Thus far, I have participated in three Corpses. All are complete, but only the second one I worked has been posted (this morning as a matter of fact.)

This is the way it works: Each participant creates a "slice" of what will be a complete, unified image. Player one begins by creating an image of a set size. Then, Player Two receives a small sliver of the first image, and creates their image based on it. Player Three creates theirs based on a sliver from Player Two, and Player Four completes the piece based on a sliver of Player Three's image.

I was Player Two for the following Corpse.

Here is the slice I received:

Here is the image I created:

Here is the Final Corpse:
:: Sunset/four and twenty/anything is possible/thrust class ::

In some regards, this is meant to be an experiment with the collective unconscious. I think Players 1-3 on this corpse had something similar - a kind of Fairy Tale-ish theme. I'm not sure what Player Four was "vibing."

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