Monday, September 19, 2005

Speaking of Ghosts...

**FLYING CONDITIONS: Partly Sunny; Cool**

My mother was in town this past week. This town is fairly dull, so on Thursday I drove her out to a small, largely Amish community nearby. In town, we browsed through a deliberatley charming country store and the attached, rather large, antique mall. We entered the antique store on the upper level and I IMMEDIATELY sensed an otherworldy presence. I said to my mother, "This place is definitely haunted."

I consider myself to be a psychic "Sensitive" and Empath, and I get a very distinct feeling when in the vicinity of spirit. It is a somewhat heavy feeling in my chest and my brain feels rather foggy, almost faint. Well, we continued throught the upper level, and I sensed the presence in a few other areas but most particularly in one. I also sensed a presence in a few areas on the lower level, but nothing like upstairs.

As I needed some validation that I wasn't crazy, I approached the saleswoman and said to her: "I need to ask you a stupid, rather silly question."

She answered, with a very knowing looking on her face "There are no stupid questions."

Me: "Is this place haunted?"

He, after a brief pause: "Yes. Did you see something?"

Me: "No, but I sensed it."

We then had a tennis match type conversation like this" It's upstairs" - "Yes" - "Near the steps" - "Yes" - "But it's also in other areas of the building." - "yes" - "Downstairs, as well, but mainly upstairs" - "yes."

She went on to tell me that as soon as someone asks "Can I ask you a stupid question?" she knows what the person is going to say. She also said that at least once a month someone reports activity. It's always upstairs. She has also said that she smells cigar smoke on occassion, on the lower level.

The building is an early 19th century Merchantile and one area of the building was a doctors office, where several people have died.

All in all, it was very interesting and I can't wait to go back!


kimw said...

Very cool. Did you take the photo you included in this post?

Cerys Clevercrow said...

No. I'll take my camera with me next time!

aa said...

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