Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Halloween Past No. 3

**FLYING CONDITIONS: Partly Cloudy**

These are the three favorite past Halloween costumes that I have made for my daughter. My No. 1 fave is Spyro, the Dragon (2rd grade), followed by the wolf (1st grade) and Eowyn/Dernhelm (7th grade).

There is an cute story with the wolf costume. I made a foam moon that was attached to the back of the costume. At one house, there was a Huskie that began howling when he saw my daughter! As we passed the house later in the evening, he also began to howl! I'll never forget it.

The Eowyn/Dernhelm costume lacks serious detail, but I still love it! The faux leatherwork is somewhat cheesy, but considering the materials available and the time-frame, I think it turned out ok!

Spyro, the Dragon

Howl at the Moon

"Begone, foul Dwimmerlaik!"

Halloween Past No. 2

Halloween Past No. 1


Kim Carney said...

those are great costumes!

CarolynVB said...

You're my costume hero! I love that Eowyn costume!!!

aa said...

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