Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Tag, I'm it!


I've been tagged by friend Annieytown over at Blogdorf Goodman to post 20 random facts about myself.

(Kim, Kerri and CarolynVB, TAG-YOU'RE IT!)

My 20 Random Facts:

1. I am a Memorial Day Baby (May 30th; they now call it Traditional Memorial Day.)

2. I played a concert at Carnegie Hall when I was 17, as a member of my High School Symphonic Band.

3. I marched in the Tournament of Roses Parade at age 16, with my high school's marching band. I was in the flag line and was seen on national tv looking like a complete dork.

4. I have had blonde, brunette and red hair.

5. I would LOVE to be a paranormal investigator.

6. I have seen several ghosts.

7. I believe I'm destined for greatness.

8. I think 13 is a terrific number.

9. I communicate better with a pen, rather than with my voice.

10. I don't like talking on the phone.

11. I can speak rudimentary Tolkien Elvish.

12. I'm athletic, but not fond of sports.

13. I work best under pressure.

14. I make rockin' Lasagna, Red Beans and Rice and Chicken Soup.

15. St. Joan of Arc's Catholic feast day is on my birthday.

16. I'm more comfortable behind the lense of a camera than in front of it.

18. I can't stand white walls.

19. I have had past-life memories.

20. Even though I am a lapsed Catholic, I love the trappings of Catholicism, the Virgin Mary in particular. There are so many fantastic names for her: Queen of Heaven, Our Lady of Mercy, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Our Lady of Sorrows, Our Lady Peace, Queen of Martyrs, Our Lady of the Angels...
21-a. Catholic Church names also rock: Most Precious Blood, Most Holy Crucifix, Immaculate Conception, Sacred Heart, Immaculate Heart of Mary...
21-b. I collect Holy Cards


Tania said...


Annieytown said...

I remember the past hair colors and the band days.
I also think you are destined for great things.

A couple of fun Christine facts:
1. She had an impressive Duran Duran pin collection
2. She took me to my first bar in 8th or 9th grade.
3. Her first crush/love ended up doing a cover of a Foo Fighters album
4. She met my first love/crush and was one of the only ones that did not judge or disapprove
5. She has flawless skin

Cerys Clevercrow said...

Hey, JT!

LOL! I wish I still had my pins - I still have a few posters and mag pics , I think.

Hugs, Rio


P.S. - You know, the "idiot" is now a celebrity photographer and has photographed several biggies. His work is rather nice.

Cerys Clevercrow said...

Suilad, Tania, mellon en mellon!

Oio naa elealla alasse'.


colombina said...

I am green with envy ...You know elvish!

Cerys Clevercrow said...

VERY BASIC elvish!

CarolynVB said...

Ack! That's what I get for not keeping up! Am I the last to write my random facts?? Okok...getting right on it.

aa said...

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