Thursday, November 10, 2005

I'm Lost


I don't want much television, but there always seems to be a show or two that I refuse to miss. Lost is one of them. I have become enthralled by it's mysteries and have been know to expend too much thought on attempts to figure out what is really going on.

I am not alone. Here are a few links that may or may not be know to fellow Lostees.

Official Sites:
ABC's Lost site
Oceanic Flight 815
I am Lost Game

Plot Related Sites:
Oceanic Airlines
The Hanso Foundation

Unofficial Plot Related Sites:

Mega Lotto Jackpot
Drive Shaft
Mr. Clucks
The Dharma Iniative

Message Boards:
The Fuselage (Run by the Creative team behind Lost.)

Fan Sites:
Lost Media
Lost Notebook
The Lost Numbers
Sledgeweb's Lost Stuff
The Black Rock
The Lost Hatch
Lost Links (all kinds of links here!)


misscinnamon said...

I can't believe they killed boone and then shannon! :( I hate Michelle Rodriguez's character. And now that shannon's gone there are no more females left on the island that i actually like.

aa said...

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