Thursday, December 29, 2005

Holiday Baking


Well folks, you've probably noticed a lack of posts lately. Although due in part to the holiday season, the main cause of this is because I've got a "bun in the oven." Holiday baking, indeed!

Right now I go through my days in a constant state of nausea and fatigue. I expect my posts in the near future will continue to be less frequent than usual.

I do wish to continue to post - focusing my mind on "other things" temporarily takes my focus away from my churning stomach - but we'll see how it goes.

Post should definitely be back on track towards the end of February. My Morning, Afternoon and Night Sickness should be well diminished by then.

Thanks to all those who read this blog - I truly hope you will stick around until I am feeling better.



kimw said...

I take it I can tell people now? I'm so happy for you, but feel bad that you have so much sickness. Yuck. Good pay-off in the end, though.

Cerys Clevercrow said...

Thanks. I am hoping the sickness ends soon. The second and third trimesters are always better. I'll feel alive again!

Sure, you can tell people. God willing everything will be good, with no complications.

colombina said...

Oh, congratulations!!!

CarolynVB said...

WooHOOO!!! Congrats!! Oh, I'm so happy! Once the nausea passes, these will be some of the happiest times in your life! ;-)

Drink your favorite tea steeped with a little fresh ginger...worked for me. = )

Annieytown said...

Congrats C!
I told my mom and she was thrilled. Hopefully she can see you with this bump. We missed seeing K in the oven.

Have a great 2006 and I will respond to the email soon!

aa said...

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