Monday, December 12, 2005

Lord of the Rings Exhibit: Indiana State Museum

**Flying Conditions: Mostly Sunny; Breezy**

My family and I traveled to Indy this weekend to view the Lord of the Rings Exhibit. It was truly wonderful experience! The exhibit displayed items from The Fellowship of the Ring, and some items from The Two Towers. I didn't see any items from Return of the King, but I consider myself lucky to have the ooportunity to see any items at all!

Upon entering, I found myself to be a bit overwhelmed. Tears sprang to my eyes as I looked around and saw so many props and costumes that I have loved on screen. My family thought I was nuts, I'm sure.

We took 3 hours to view everything, but the time flew by. Items that really stand out in my mind were:

• Boromir laid out in the elven boat. So lifelike, you would swear that he was going to sit up at any moment.
• The various banners displayed overhead - simply beautiful. The Elven and Gondorian banners are hand-painted on silk. The Rohirric banners were embroidered. Lovely.
• Galadriel's Welcoming/Mirror Dress: Beyond amazing. The beading was to die for - so delicate and her jewelry was also terrific.
• Arwen's Ice Blue Dress: This dress is even better in person! The beading on the neeckline is so intricate.
• The Barad-dur and Orthanc "bigatures." Barad-Dur wasn't lit very well, but was fantastic. The Orthanc bigature just blew me away. Completely amazing!
• The Alan Lee original book illustation of the flooded Isengard - just amazing.
• Alan Lee concept sketches for Lothlorien and Meduseld. He is an amazing artist, for sure.
• Sauron's armour. Amazing in it's detail. I also realized that I used the intaglio pattern on the armour for the pattern on several of my wedding items! Oops - too funny!
• All the Elven weaponry: beautiful and graceful.
• The Evenstar pendant: The Noble Collection replica that I own is dead-on acurate. The Nenya replica is also really close.
• Theoden's Armour - wow.
• Eomer's helmet is just as cool in real-life!

All in all, EVERYTHING was amazing and I'll never forget it.

NOTE: Pics seen here are from other sites on the internet. No pictures or even sketching were allowed at the exhibit.


kimw said...

I'm so envious. Any idea if this is coming to Cleveland or Pittsburgh? I'm so happy for you, to that you got to see this. I wonder why there wasn't any ROTK items?

colombina said...

That is so amazing. I am bright green with envy.

CarolynVB said...

Awesome! I didn't get any pictures! They were so tough on cameras in Boston! Thanks for the memories!

aa said...

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