Friday, March 31, 2006

Garden Plans


Well, it's finally time to garden (well, almost)!

Currently, our main outdoor project is cleaning up the carnage of winter. Even though this winter was relatively mild, the backyard is littered with the usual downed branches of varying sizes. There are also leaves to be cleared out of all the beds, front and back.

Next on the list is pulling out a few rhododendrons that didn't make it. They actually died last fall, but my husband and I were waiting to see if there would be any sign of life on them this spring. We have eight remaining plants that did survive, so it's not all bad. We are going to put Yews in their place, to mix it up a little. We also plan on adding a few Yews to mask the various utility boxes that are on the back of our property.

What I am really ready to do is to work on the main flower bed in the backyard. Last year was my first attempt and I am eager to fix what wasn't quite right. First on that list is edging the bed better. Last year, the grass invaded, leaving the edge irregular and haphazzard. I plan on using a trench method of edging, instead of any border made of stone, etc. We'll see how it goes!

The Salvia, Shasta Daisies, Catmint, Lavender and Tiger Lillies I planted last year are already coming up. The Delphinium are peeking through as well. I try not to check these shoots every day, but I usually do, as my excitement for gardening is hard to contain by now. It's a bit obsessive, for sure! I've already purchased three small Day Lillies to add to the bed.

The Daffodils started popping up several weeks ago. They grow in one of the wooded sections of our yard and look quite charming. The Tulips have sprung up as well, but the bunnies have already munched off half of their leaves. I plan on adding more Daffodils in this wooded section, because they seem to be the only spring bulb that the bunnies won't munch on.

Out front, the mums have started to sprout. Yea! The biggest project in the front is the construction of a brick pedestal, on which will sit a bird bath. There is an area near our front porch that receives little sun and less water, meaning nothing survives there. It's just a dead spot, and we think the bird bath will accent the house nicely.

Well, I guess I wrap up for now. I am sure there will more to report as the season progresses. As usual, I'll post pics along the way.

Hurrah for Spring!


Southern Greg said...

I love your garden story, My bulbs are through blooming. This was the best year in a long time. My bird bath makes a nice spot for kitty to nap when it runs out of water.

Angela said...

You will be interested to know that I cannot view the photos of your garden at work. The display is a box with an x. When clicke dupon, I get the following amusing error message: is not authorized at this time. It is being filtered because it falls into the category of full nudity, sexual acts/text, gross depictions/text. If you believe this is an error you should contact James Wolf at with the contents of this screen. Include a reason why you are requesting access to this site to aid in the evaluation of your request.

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