Friday, April 27, 2007


**FLYING CONDITIONS: Partly Sunny; Fog in the AM**

I was happy to discover these ferns in our front landscaping beds. I don't like their placement, however, so they will most likely be transplanted.

Monday, April 16, 2007

For Me, Every Day is Halloween.


"The Witching Hour" Original Collage
© Cerys G • Miss Crow's Magickal Emporium • Clever Crow Design Studio

For a while, I have been struggling with focus, especially when it comes to the business enterprises I have going on. My graphic and web design business is doing fine, although I could use a few more clients (who couldn't). It has been been my "crafty" business that has really suffered from lack of focus. I just had so many ideas in my head and I couldn't focus on any one. As a result, I've decided to focus my energies on Halloween related items. Halloween is my favorite holiday, bar none, so it was a natural choice.

The items I am selling can be found at Miss Crow's Magickal Emporium. I have many more items planned to be available for Halloween, so don't forget to take a peek later in the year!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Cerys' Netflix Que Reviews No. 3


I am SERIOUSLY behind on these, so here is a slew of reviews, however brief.

Here is my new rating system:

5 Caws - Phenomenal; My life is better for having seen this!
4 Caws - Terrific; Wish there were more pics like this.
3 Caws - Enjoyable; Good use of Netflix.
2 Caws - Just OK; Thank God it was a rental.
1 Caws - Waste of time.

Carnivàle: Seasons 1 & 2: 5 Caws
LOVE THIS SERIES! I love the concept of this show - an age-old mystical battle of good and evil set against the backdrop of the great depression. Carnivàle was well written, and had really interesting characters and ideas. I cannot believe that HBO cancelled it after Season 2. It is a shame that fans will never have any resolution to the story.

Be forewarned, don't watch this with your kids - there is much sexual content here. It isn't in every episode and it doesn't last that long, but when it springs up on you, it's usually a doosy!
Little Miss Sunshine: 4 Caws
A fun movie. I enjoyed Alan Arkin's character. It will end up in our DVD collection.
Everything Is Illuminated: 4 Caws
Off-kilter, funny and poignant at times, I enjoyed this movie. It was what I expected and not what I expected at the same time.
Good Night, and Good Luck: 4 Caws
Interesting historical story and well-acted. A little gem of a movie.
A Scanner Darkly: 3 Caws
My 14 year old daughter LOVED this movie - me, I guess perhaps I'm finally too old to completely appreciate it. Interesting, but somewhat predictable plot.
The Break-Up: 3 Caws
Some funny moments. Honestly, I'm not remember much that stands out about this movie, which probably says a lot.
The Wicker Man: 3 Caws
This movie caught a lot of flack from fans of the original. (No, it's not a direct remake.) I thought there were some surprisingly funny moments and I was intrigued by the story. Yes, it has a predictably unhappy ending, but I actually liked this movie. It's not ground-breaking at all, but this movie will end up in my DVD collection because I really liked the art direction and general odd-vibe this movie has.
V for Vendetta: 4-5 Caws
Well-acted, beautiful to watch, and a good story. A totalitarian society flick done well. It will definitely end up in our DVD collection.
The Da Vinci Code: 2-3 Caws
The book was more entertaining.
Ultraviolet: 2 Caws
Action and slickness for their sake alone.
Equilibrium: 3 Caws
A rather typical, totalitarian society sci-fi flick. Interesting, but somewhat heavy-handed. Decent action sequences.
Walk the Line: 4 Caws
Engaging; Well-acted.
Crank: 4 Caws
I really expected to dislike this movie, but it was pretty funny and high-paced.
The Skeleton Key: 3 Caws
This movie was universally panned, but I liked it. Somewhat twisty at the end. Well-done art direction - appropriately moody. It will end up in our DVD collection.
Tenacious D in: The Pick of Destiny: 3 Caws
A funny one-time view. Very Tenacious D.
Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby: 1 Caw
Too much, too much, too much.
The Prestige: 3-4 Caws
A decent story - you will probably guess the twist, but that's OK. Somewhat monotone, despite all the plot contortions. A movie that takes itself too seriously, but still worth watching.
An American Haunting: 1 Caw
The illogical behavior is annoying and the "historical" Tennessee vernacular in cloying.
Click: 2 Caws
It had it's moments but overall I thought this movie was too long and too predictable.
The Illusionist: 4 Caws
A solid romantic movie with good energy and great art direction. I enjoyed this more than The Prestige.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Blue Monday


This cold snap has got me down. Spring was finally here, the neighborhood was beging to become green again and my mood was definitely sunny. I couldn't wait to get started on the landscape improvements that we have planned. I was full of energy and finally making a dent on the organization of our home after the move this past summer. My productivity for my freelance work was at a high. It was wonderful to be able to take Magnus outside. Things were good and getting better.

Now, I've lost all my steam and it's really got me down. I know the weather will change. I know that I will eventually see the sun again, but MAN - this gloomy cold really stinks.

Our Saucer Magnolia tree on April 4, 2007:

Our Saucer Magnolia tree today: