Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Cerys' Netflix Que Reviews No. 3


I am SERIOUSLY behind on these, so here is a slew of reviews, however brief.

Here is my new rating system:

5 Caws - Phenomenal; My life is better for having seen this!
4 Caws - Terrific; Wish there were more pics like this.
3 Caws - Enjoyable; Good use of Netflix.
2 Caws - Just OK; Thank God it was a rental.
1 Caws - Waste of time.

Carnivàle: Seasons 1 & 2: 5 Caws
LOVE THIS SERIES! I love the concept of this show - an age-old mystical battle of good and evil set against the backdrop of the great depression. Carnivàle was well written, and had really interesting characters and ideas. I cannot believe that HBO cancelled it after Season 2. It is a shame that fans will never have any resolution to the story.

Be forewarned, don't watch this with your kids - there is much sexual content here. It isn't in every episode and it doesn't last that long, but when it springs up on you, it's usually a doosy!
Little Miss Sunshine: 4 Caws
A fun movie. I enjoyed Alan Arkin's character. It will end up in our DVD collection.
Everything Is Illuminated: 4 Caws
Off-kilter, funny and poignant at times, I enjoyed this movie. It was what I expected and not what I expected at the same time.
Good Night, and Good Luck: 4 Caws
Interesting historical story and well-acted. A little gem of a movie.
A Scanner Darkly: 3 Caws
My 14 year old daughter LOVED this movie - me, I guess perhaps I'm finally too old to completely appreciate it. Interesting, but somewhat predictable plot.
The Break-Up: 3 Caws
Some funny moments. Honestly, I'm not remember much that stands out about this movie, which probably says a lot.
The Wicker Man: 3 Caws
This movie caught a lot of flack from fans of the original. (No, it's not a direct remake.) I thought there were some surprisingly funny moments and I was intrigued by the story. Yes, it has a predictably unhappy ending, but I actually liked this movie. It's not ground-breaking at all, but this movie will end up in my DVD collection because I really liked the art direction and general odd-vibe this movie has.
V for Vendetta: 4-5 Caws
Well-acted, beautiful to watch, and a good story. A totalitarian society flick done well. It will definitely end up in our DVD collection.
The Da Vinci Code: 2-3 Caws
The book was more entertaining.
Ultraviolet: 2 Caws
Action and slickness for their sake alone.
Equilibrium: 3 Caws
A rather typical, totalitarian society sci-fi flick. Interesting, but somewhat heavy-handed. Decent action sequences.
Walk the Line: 4 Caws
Engaging; Well-acted.
Crank: 4 Caws
I really expected to dislike this movie, but it was pretty funny and high-paced.
The Skeleton Key: 3 Caws
This movie was universally panned, but I liked it. Somewhat twisty at the end. Well-done art direction - appropriately moody. It will end up in our DVD collection.
Tenacious D in: The Pick of Destiny: 3 Caws
A funny one-time view. Very Tenacious D.
Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby: 1 Caw
Too much, too much, too much.
The Prestige: 3-4 Caws
A decent story - you will probably guess the twist, but that's OK. Somewhat monotone, despite all the plot contortions. A movie that takes itself too seriously, but still worth watching.
An American Haunting: 1 Caw
The illogical behavior is annoying and the "historical" Tennessee vernacular in cloying.
Click: 2 Caws
It had it's moments but overall I thought this movie was too long and too predictable.
The Illusionist: 4 Caws
A solid romantic movie with good energy and great art direction. I enjoyed this more than The Prestige.

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