Monday, April 16, 2007

For Me, Every Day is Halloween.


"The Witching Hour" Original Collage
© Cerys G • Miss Crow's Magickal Emporium • Clever Crow Design Studio

For a while, I have been struggling with focus, especially when it comes to the business enterprises I have going on. My graphic and web design business is doing fine, although I could use a few more clients (who couldn't). It has been been my "crafty" business that has really suffered from lack of focus. I just had so many ideas in my head and I couldn't focus on any one. As a result, I've decided to focus my energies on Halloween related items. Halloween is my favorite holiday, bar none, so it was a natural choice.

The items I am selling can be found at Miss Crow's Magickal Emporium. I have many more items planned to be available for Halloween, so don't forget to take a peek later in the year!


Nichole said...

Your site is beautiful! I love the wheel of the year cards!

aa said...

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